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What is BPO? How to support companies in consumer management

17 April 2024


cos'è BPO
cos'è BPO


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the subcontracting of business functions to outside vendors and managers. Thus, it involves outsourcing some processes, delegating tasks and duties to specialized companies. In this way, companies can focus on their core competencies and core business while simultaneously being able to reduce costs and rely on specialized consultants.

Front office and back office outsourcing: INGO, the reference in BPO in Italy

Front Office Outsourcing refers to outsourced services that are connected directly with the customer. Companies decide to rely on professionals to improve the focus on the customer, not compromising the quality of services and products offered. This is an optimal solution for maintaining a high level of customer experience: customer care services, helpdesk, customer service, technical support.

Back Office Outsourcing, on the other hand, concerns the outsourcing of tasks such as data entry, document filing, payroll and invoice management, accounting, and IT support. Thus, these are the administrative functions that are fundamental to the proper functioning of a business. Many processes can be outsourced, and in today’s business landscape BPO is becoming increasingly successful.

INGO is one of the leading players in the Italian BPO market and supports companies by offering a wide range of services, including the Management of inbound marketing processes and digital channels. INGO’s experts, support their clients in streamlining activities, studying and redesigning operational and communication flows, with customized end-to-end processes that fit the specific business reality.


Inbound marketing services: the INGO proposal

Our specialists will be able to respond to your clients’ needs in a simple, smooth and high-performance way, thanks to a single management platform. The omnichannel system employed by INGO is state-of-the-art and intuitive, thanks to its peculiarities, operators are able to offer a comprehensive and structured support service designed to provide purchase-oriented technical and commercial information and to support customers at all times of the day.

  • Customer care and service help desk. Customer satisfaction (customer satisfaction) is of increasing importance to companies. Providing quick and timely responses, while managing any critical issues, is crucial to meeting stakeholders’ expectations. Agents, who work outsourced for client companies, are able to provide information your products and services to consumers, also directing them toward new purchases. Agents provide dedicated consultative support with the goal of increasing the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Front desk and switchboard. INGO services are designed to provide a professional, empathetic and courteous response to your switchboard. This will help to ensure that clients are constantly attended to and multilingual. One possible option is the customized VIP procedure, whereby the most important users are identified and a tailored service is offered. The system employed consists of decentralizing telephone exchange operator stations and remotely handling calls destined for a local telephone exchange. Responses occur in a timely manner, wait times are reduced, and service SLAs are shared. Telephone traffic costs are lowered and processes made efficient through advanced management.
  • Online CUP services and pharmacovigilance. Our entity supports health care facilities facing varying traffic of requests, with operators trained in telephone acceptance in health care and with knowledge of the main booking tools. Agents are able to proceed directly to booking the required services on all channels provided: solvency, SSN, funds and subsidized rates. Booking is handled through a single interaction, waiting times are reduced, and the number of missed calls is lowered. The garrison is extended over extended hours.
  • TOC and SPOC emergency services. Thanks to our service, you can always keep an eye on the health of your infrastructure, networks and peripherals, ensuring service continuity and preventing any disruptions.


The benefits of an inbound marketing BPO service

INGO’s vision is to rethink the contact center, innovating and evolving the customer experience. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the world of outsourcing and more than 450 processes carried out per year, our company succeeds in providing services of excellence in the process of evolution and innovation of customer service management. The benefits of an inbound marketing BPO service are many.:

  • Modularity. The company relying on INGO’s services decides the level of management to be entrusted to the outsourcer.
  • Extended presidium. By taking advantage of our BPO service, you will be able to benefit from 24-hour contact centers, 365 days a year. An extended garrison constantly serving the end consumer.
  • Standardized procedures. All interactions can be profiled so that there is an aligned management mode across the entire group.
  • Technical skills. Contact center operators can be trained so that they can devote themselves to handling very technical interactions.



Learn more about our CX services

INGO, thanks to the multichannel and technological innovations implemented, is able to build specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies. For more than 25 years, Made in Italy at the service of the customer experience.



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