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INGO is the Solution Provider capable of meeting the specific needs of each client in Customer Operation, Omnichannel Approach and Digital Transformation processes.

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Next Generation Customer Experience: the evolution that redefines the boundaries of customer care, where technology, intelligent automations and human expertise sinergy creates an extraordinary experience.

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Phonetica S.r.l. Becomes INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation: A New Chapter of Innovation and Social Commitment

After over 25 years of experience, Phonetica S.r.l. is evolving into INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation, because the commitment to creating…

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Customer Operations and Green Tech: Influencing Customer Choices through Reputation

The way companies manage their customer operations can make a difference not only in customer satisfaction but also in their…

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Medical Appointment Management: Optimizing the Schedule to Improve Operational Efficiency

In the healthcare industry, efficient management of medical appointments is crucial to ensure optimal facility operations and improve patient experiences.…

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Case Study: INGO’s Survey Service

In this case study, we will analyze how INGO implemented a Survey service via WhatsApp for three different companies in…

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BPO in the utilities sector: scalable customer service to address service disruptions.

The utilities sector faces increasingly significant challenges. Service disruptions can have a devastating impact on both customers and business operations.…

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Digital transformation in healthcare: How to improve the customer experience of patients

The digital transformation in healthcare is revolutionizing the way healthcare services are delivered and accessed. With the evolution of digital…

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Manufacturing: Omnichannel Solutions to Ensure Industry SLAs

The manufacturing sector is experiencing an unprecedented transformation, and companies need to quickly adapt to the changes to remain competitive.…

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Customer service for e-commerce: automation and WhatsApp to improve your relation with your customers.

In the world of e-commerce, customer service is crucial for a company's success. In a market where consumers have numerous…

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Contact Center Software: All Customer Interactions in an Omnichannel Solution

Contact center software provides companies with the necessary tools to manage a variety of interactions, ranging from phone calls to…

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A success case in the fitness world

Thanks to its customer care services and innovative technological choices based on automation and AI, INGO has managed to create…

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