Safety and experience to handle any critical issues

The efficiency and management skills of a team always committed to providing service excellence.


Benefits for Manufacturing

More than 20 years' experience in the market

For more than two decades, INGO has been handling customer inquiries and complex activities in customer care manufacturing.

Availability H24/7

The dedicated team is able to cope with critical issues in business hour and extra business hour, while meeting stringent SLAs.

Partnerships with market leaders

Well-known companies recognize INGO as a reliable partner with whom to maintain a successful collaboration.

Problem solving skills

INGO agents have developed such expertise over the years that they are able to accurately identify areas of intervention, even when out of procedure.

INGO services

Manufacturing Solutions

Customer Care

INGO can provide dedicated services for technical support or transfer of requests to external technicians after troubleshooting.


Automatic Availability

INGO ensures round-the-clock support through the presence of virtual agents, with escalation to on-call technicians.


Multichannel helpdesk

The specialized NOC team constantly monitors network traffic, systems and infrastructure to detect any anomalies or problems and take timely action to resolve them.


Ingo & Manufacturing in Numbers


call month with stringent SLAs


Of calls handled within 20sec


Ability to respond to, take charge of, and monitor alarms in case of danger to people

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