Explore the Future of Customer Experience

We support companies in creating evolved customer care through flexible, innovative and personalized human & machine interactions.

  • Excellence in omnichannel care

    INGO offers integrated customer relationship services, supporting businesses through multichannel solutions, including remote switchboards, live chat, specialized help desks, and 24/7 multilingual customer service.

  • Technological innovation

    Our desire is to implement the best customer management technologies to simplify and improve customer service and customer operations processes. We combine advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and automation designs to ensure optimal performance.

  • Sectoral expertise

    We have a history as a solution provider that allows us to provide outstanding services in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, finance, utilities, e-commerce, manufacturing, and green tech. This industry knowledge enables INGO to offer customized solutions for specific customer needs.

  • Digital transformation

    INGO supports companies in their digital transformation by offering consulting, services and technologies to improve customer efficiency and knowledge. We are committed to guiding our clients on a digital transformation journey, providing innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.


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Inbound and Outbound Solutions

Outbound Solutions

Turn contacts into wins with INGO's Outbound services. From Teleselling to Appointment Taking and Customer Surveys, our experience enables us to create advanced strategies to maximize sales and consolidate your market presence.

Inbound Solutions

Explore the world of customer service excellence with INGO's Inbound Services. Our customized multichannel support, operating 24/7, is based on innovative technologies and a highly specialized team.

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