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Choose the expertise and security of experience combined with the latest technology.


Benefits for Finalcial Services


The certainty of customer support at all times, even during peak contact periods, through the combined action of human experience and AI-based technology.

Experience and continuing education

INGO is able to support its clients in service design, suggesting processes and procedures to make the handling of requests effective and efficient.

Quality increase

Ensuring an excellent customer experience results in reduced waiting time and end-customer loyalty, with additional business opportunities.

Technology and AI

INGO is able to offer seamless multichannel operations, improving the brand reputation of the companies it supports on a daily basis.

INGO services

Solutions for Finalcial Services

Customer Care

A team of highly skilled operators in banking and finance, capable of handling inquiries efficiently and quickly, supporting clients in after-sales and responding proactively in escalation processes in the case of complex inquiries.


Appointment taking & qualification

INGO’s specialized agents are able to create new business opportunities for client branches through appointment-taking and qualifying activities so that not a single useful contact is lost.



Thanks to the accumulated experience, the team of specialists in finance and banking is able to carry out Up Selling and Cross Selling activities, incentivizing end users through customized proposals on specific products and signaling useful contacts to the Competent Offices for the activation of new products.


Ingo & financial services in numbers


calls handled per year


Of customers satisfied with the service


Appointments set for branch traffic generation

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