Innovate interaction: redefine the way your company communicates

Learn how collaboration between automation and human resources improves the customer experience.

  • Operational efficiency

    Automation of repetitive tasks and intelligent management of interactions allow human staff to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.

  • Customer satisfaction

    The integration of artificial intelligence and human support results in impeccable customer service. Timely and personalized responses, supported by advanced technology, help elevate customer satisfaction and solidify long-term relationships.

  • 24/7 instant response

    INGO’s hybrid services ensure that customer requests are handled in a timely manner, even outside traditional business hours.

  • Advanced analysis and optimization

    Constant data analysis and human support enable continuous adaptation to changing market needs, ensuring a competitive position and the ability to anticipate emerging trends.

INGO solutions

Automation Solutions

Voicebots and chatbots

Ensure a smooth and interactive experience driven by cutting-edge technology and design focused on the needs of individuals. Using advanced algorithms and intelligent conversation patterns, chatbots and voicebots personalize engagement and anticipate customer needs.

AI Reception

Offer personalized welcome and instant support, with no waiting time. AI Reception is your trusted virtual assistant that understands each person's needs and offers a solution to every request.

Automatic availability

Ensure seamless multilingual support respect the times of your clients and staff. With the Automatic Availability service you ensure a seamless connection between your business and your customers.

Customer Instant Insight

Automate the collection of customer feedback with surveys to assess service satisfaction and detect NPS, or launch marketing campaigns to measure propensity to buy. Whether you are looking for detailed feedback or measurements of interest, this cutting-edge service gives you the keys to test the market, gain valuable insights, and enhance your business strategy like…

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