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Customer experience mapping: the key element for e-commerce success

Behind every online transaction is a customer with unique expectations, desires, and needs. In this context, the customer experience plays…

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AI in healthcare: artificial intelligence for appointment management

Efficient appointment management is one of the key factors in ensuring a good patient experience and optimization of resources in…

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Eco-Sustainability and Innovation: Discover INGO’s Customer Care Applied to Green Tech

The Green Tech market today is gradually developing, and more and more companies are committed to offering environmentally sustainable and…

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Hybrid BPO: A New Approach to Customer Care

Customer support, both pre and post-purchase, is an increasingly important function for businesses to determine their success and maintain a…

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Phonetica S.r.l. Becomes INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation: A New Chapter of Innovation and Social Commitment

After over 25 years of experience, Phonetica S.r.l. is evolving into INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation, because the commitment to creating…

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Omnichannel and customer experience: how companies can improve customer relationships

How the customer journey has evolved and why omnichanneling is important Companies are increasingly challenged to cope with a complex…

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