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We believe that technology should serve people, and not the other way around. That is why we believe in human-relationship-based solutions in which artificial intelligence and automation are the tools to create an increasingly dynamic and innovative world.

From Phonetica Ltd. to INGO Ltd.

Over 25 years of history

Founded in 1998 as Phonetica, our brand has a long history of excellence in BPO services. Since then, we have provided 24/7 multilingual solutions globally. Our experience spans both inbound services, such as customer service, switchboard and specialized help desk, and outbound projects aimed at boosting business and improving customer retention.

The mission statement

INGO: alongside customers in CX processes for more than 25 years

Our desire is to support customers and partners, both in Italy and around the world, in the development of processes related to the “customer experience”. We offer consulting, proprietary technologies and customized services, to ensure and evolve the relationship of trust between companies and their customers. We are committed to providing solutions that serve people, with respect to sustainability.

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Job opportunities

From our historic headquarters in Paderno Dugnano, through the technology hub in Turin to the newest of offices in Forli, find out about INGO in detail and what job positions are currently open.

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Positive impact

INGO's commitment to the common good

INGO has chosen an approach that takes into account people and the world we live in. The choices made over time, represent the beating heart of all that our company strives to be. That is why we have embarked on a series of initiatives to enable us to grow in an equitable and sustainable way, while continuing to look to the future with eyes full of wonder and hope.


INGO certifications

The awards obtained

Over the years, we have strived to always ensure the highest quality in terms of the services provided and for business processes, gaining national and international recognition for this.

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