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INGO is more than just a company. It is a community dedicated to creating meaningful connections, sharing knowledge and building a better future together.

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Eventi Mobile

School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano 2024

Starting this year, INGO supports the 2024 research of the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano. INGO participated in the kick-off event where the topics that will be researched during the 8th edition of the Observatory were presented.


On 4 March, we are attending the online meeting organised by Club CMMC dedicated to the involvement of customer operations in digital transformation. We will share our experience and talk about which trends to follow and how to govern the change brought about by technological innovation and digital transformation.

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Utility Day 2021

INGO participates in Utility Day 2021, the annual event dedicated to the digital, cultural and technological transformation of Italian utilities. With Luana Beni, Head of Sales at INGO, we will bring our experience in the development of video counter solutions: innovative technological touch points to manage user services by video.

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Forum Retail (Cap. 2)

INGO participates in Forum Retail, the largest technology networking hub in Italy dedicated to retailers. Together with Diego Gosmar, Head of International Operations, we will analyse some applications and real cases of machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with omni-channel solutions, highlighting the benefits that can be achieved

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Forum Retail (Cap. 1)

Omnichannel is at the heart of the digital transformation strategy of Italian and international retailers. Together with Martino Carrera, Managing Director of INGO, we delve into the critical success factors of a customer-centric Customer Experience and Customer Service in a highly competitive and ever-changing industry. Learn more

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Virtual Day 2021

On 15 July, together with Christian Orlandi CEO Xenialab, INGO Group, we attend Virtual Day 2021. An important appointment to deepen how an adequate and coherent omnichannel strategy is able to centralise the management of all channels and respond to customer needs. We look forward to live streaming!

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Phonetica S.r.l. Becomes INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation: A New Chapter of Innovation and Social Commitment

After over 25 years of experience, Phonetica S.r.l. is evolving into INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation, because the commitment to creating…

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