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  • Increased efficiency

    By integrating AI-based technologies, customer interactions can be managed quickly and effectively, optimizing agent deployment and reducing wait times. Centralized and automated process management maximizes productivity and provides timely responses to customers.

  • Consistent and seamless customer experience

    Omnichannel interaction management allows for integrated and synergistic customer relations, enabling customers to seamlessly transition between phone, chat, email, and social media. This helps create a smooth and personalized customer journey, improving end-user satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Cost reduction

    By adopting hybrid AI and human systems and automating processes, the use of resources is redistributed, optimizing operational efficiency and utilizing operators for more valuable operations. By doing so, it is therefore possible to lower the contact center’s operating costs.

  • Data monitoring and analysis

    The technology solutions adopted by INGO offer powerful data monitoring and analysis tools. It then becomes easy to get a complete view of customer care performance, monitoring response times, service KPIs and other key metrics. Data analysis provides valuable insights to deliver increasingly personalized and effective service.


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INGO solutions

Our solutions

Contact Center software

INGO chose XCALLY as its omnichannel solution to manage customer interactions effectively. With its intuitive interface and innovative AI-based tools, XCALLY offers optimized process management, enabling scalable solutions to be structured to meet customer needs.

Instant messaging platform

With XCALLY Instant, INGO manages customer interactions via WhatsApp, harnessing the power of a contact center. The platform offers advanced features that allow processes to be optimized, enabling efficient management of requests.

Knowledge Management system

ACUTO is the knowledge management system fully integrated into XCALLY that enables agents to always answer customer questions in the right way. Using this tool, the customer experience can be improved and operational performance can be optimized.

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