Eco-Sustainability and Innovation: Discover INGO’s Customer Care Applied to Green Tech

27 March 2024


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The Green Tech market today is gradually developing, and more and more companies are committed to offering environmentally sustainable and innovative solutions for their customers. Having a partner by one's side who can better manage customer care and customer experience, as well as create the right conditions to streamline technical support processes, has become paramount.

The renewable energy sector is booming, and investment globally is increasing. Companies active in this field are facing an ever-increasing Market Demand and it is, for them, crucial not only to offer cutting-edge Solutions but also a Customer Care Service up to the mark.

What do we mean when we talk about green tech?

When it comes to Green Tech, we refer to technological and innovative solutions that are designed to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. Green Tech focuses on using renewable resources, energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and adopting eco-friendly practices in various sectors, such as energy, transportation, construction, and electronics. The main goal of Green Tech is to promote economic and technological development that is in harmony with the environment, enabling the preservation of natural resources and mitigating climate change.

The Role of Customer Service in Green Tech

Customer service plays a key role in Green Tech, as it helps to ensure a better user experience and promote the adoption of sustainable solutions. Through effective customer service, companies can provide technical support and detailed information regarding green products and technologies, answering customers’ questions and concerns.

What characteristics must a Customer Care that targets the Green Tech Market have.

The world of Renewable Energies is part of the broader context of the so-called “Ecological Transition”: the topic therefore can no longer be confined within the Italian or European territory, but must be framed in an even broader sphere, in which the customer experience is a primary theme and focus for all the companies involved.
For this reason, it will be necessary to have customer support adapted to market demands.

3 indispensable features

  • Major Players operating in this sector, with a de facto unlimited horizon, will therefore need to have Customer Care and Multilingual Technology Operations expertise in the first place.
  • Other essential skills will involve structured and professional management of reception and technical support processes, as the demand for assistance will be increasing and skills in this area are not readily available.
  • It will be necessary to know how to manage a “scalable” Business and, above all, it will be important to have maximum flexibility, since engagement is highly subject to seasonality (think, for example, of the summer period for the Photovoltaic Sector).

What can INGO offer in this area?

Marco Cecere, Business Developer within INGO, explains what the company’s strengths are, as far as customer service applied to the Green Tech market is concerned.

Hybrid BPO: AI and human support combined for an omnichannel customer journey

INGO can provide support variously declined between operations and omnichannel (e.g., reception and on-call services, chatbot with “human” support for basic Trouble-Shooting management, information services for administrative paperwork, services for back office procedures, etc).
We address Companies that need a partner with multilingual availability, with not only “reactive” process skills but also control room skills, flexible and able to support the Enterprise during peak periods.
Our Clients already active in this field are mainly companies offering Solar Solutions, but not only, and they need to ensure “listening” to a diverse plateau of stake-holders (from installation technicians to IT managers, from companies to individuals).

Continuous improvement for the efficiency of Care processes.

We are not in the business of just opening “Tickets” and dispatching them (which would only increase “back logs”) but we work in synergy with our clients to create Continuous Emprovement processes for 1st level operators and structured work-flows, with the goal of reducing workloads for 2nd and 3rd levels of Technical Support internal to our clients.

Indeed, we can act on the processes that are usually triggered when customer service is contacted about problems. Opening a correct and complete ticket, explaining in detail the noticed criticality and supporting the caller at first, will streamline the work of the technicians.


Discover INGO's Green-Tech Services.

Thanks to a sensitive approach to the needs of this sector, and the know-how gained from more than 25 years of experience in the management of service and customer care processes, INGO is able to build specific projects for each company, following the path from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies.


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