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Revolutionize customer service with voicebots and chatbots

Chatbots and voicebots simplify and improve customer engagement capabilities. Through pre-programmed rules and behaviors, they are able to reproduce interactions similar to those of a human operator.

The advantages of voicebots and chatbots

Why voicebots and chatbots

Providing 24/7 support

Voicebots and chatbots work both day and night, even when operators are unavailable, providing support and gathering information from customers without any interruption.

Devote your resources to more important tasks

Chatbots and voicebots offer automated responses to generic requests, overseeing multiple conversations in real time and allowing human staff to focus on more advanced tasks.

Personalize the experience

Every interaction with chatbots and voicebots allows you to obtain useful information about the behavior and needs of your customers. By leveraging natural language processing they are able to optimize the flow of conversations and provide tailored solutions.


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Use cases

Possible scenarios with voicebots and chatbots

Voicebots and chatbots can be implemented in different business scenarios to accompany the customer throughout the customer journey.


Immediate customer support

Provide impeccable customer service with immediate answers and personalized assistance without waiting.

Customization of offers and promotions

Uses data collected from interactions with chatbots and voicebots to personalize offers and promotions.

Accompany clients on their journey

Implement voicebots and chatbots to accompany the customer at every stage of the customer journey. Offer continuous and immediate support from research and purchase to after-sales service.

Case study

The case for success with Voicebot and chatbot

A leading company in Italy in the distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances chose us to enhance its customer support service in order to better manage a large amount of information and to automatically process a good part of the cases concerning e-commerce: order tracking, support on returns, information on refunds and damaged products.
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the telephone traffic absorbed by the voicebot during peak periods


customer's economic saving


the response rate regardless of operator availability

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