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Eco-Sustainability and Innovation: Discover INGO’s Customer Care Applied to Green Tech

The Green Tech market today is gradually developing, and more and more companies are committed to offering environmentally sustainable and…

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Customer experience KPIs: how to evaluate the customer relationship. The Phygital Frontier

The customer experience and the contact between consumer and company Evaluating KPIs (i.e. key performance indicators) of the customer experience…

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Unified software platform: how to integrate every customer touch point

The unified customer experience is an approach that enables companies to integrate every single touch point with their customers, using…

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How to better manage a customer service thanks to advanced IVR solutions

A customer service today requires a series of implementations, among which advanced IVR solutions are certainly indispensable, for a better…

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Video call as a new communication channel in sales

In an everyday life made up of video calls, video conferences and video chats, taking full advantage of a communication…

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Omnichannel retail is the future of the shopping experience

The average consumer is becoming more and more demanding, thanks to the massive use of the web and the possibility…

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