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Case Study: XCALLY and the Advanced IVR for CAAF CGIL

13 March 2023



Thanks to the redesign of the IVR flow using the XCALLY suite, INGO was able to improve customer care for the CAAF CGIL client.


CAAF stands for “Centro di Assistenza Fiscale,” an Italian organization that provides tax, social security, and legal assistance to individuals and businesses. Founded in 1974 as a support group for trade unions and industry associations, CAAF has evolved over the years to include administrative, social security, and legal assistance and consultancy services for employees, retirees, and other taxpayers in need.

CAAF CGIL is one of the regional structures of the CAAF organization in Italy and is affiliated with the CGIL union (Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro). With their experience and expertise, CAAF is able to provide personalized and high-quality advice, and specifically, CAAF CGIL is constantly committed to improving and simplifying the relationship between citizens and the Public Administration.

What were the client’s needs

Through our partnership with TIM, we received a request from the CAAF client to create a unique telephone number for the Veneto area.
What the client was asking for was the ability to route calls received on the designated toll-free number to the competent local office for the caller.

For this, a system was needed that could automatically recognize the user’s municipality of residence, requested through IVR, and then transfer the call to the number of the local branch’s switchboard during office hours, thus ensuring optimal management of the internal voice channel.

What INGO achieved

Thanks to the XCALLY omnichannel suite, INGO redesigned the customer care service for the client, revising contact flows through IVR and implementing everything at the TIM Cloud, bringing the entire telephone channel management into production. url

INGO aimed to focus on the reliability of the proposed service and the accuracy of the information transmitted through the recreated customer service to best meet the client’s initial requests.

The results achieved

With the introduction of IVR, waiting times have been reduced by 10%, and the quality of interaction with the end user has improved. Improved management efficiency allowed the client to handle approximately 10% more calls in 2022, using XCALLY as a matrix to connect the CAAF CGIL switchboards located throughout the territory.

By leveraging interconnection and tromboning, as well as Amazon’s ASR Polly, INGO was able to create a smooth and responsive multichannel flow, starting from caller recognition through AI and leading to the subsequent routing of the user to the correct belonging switchboard.

A success story

By making the most of proprietary technologies and flow reengineering methods, our group was able to create a project that delivered the results requested by the client in a short amount of time.
XCALLY, with its omnichannel integrations, has become the perfect tool for building and implementing innovative, scalable, and modular processes and strategies to enhance customer experience.

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