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Omnichannel and intuitiveness for truly effective customer care

XCALLY is the omnichannel suite designed specifically for managing contact center interactions.

The advantages of XCALLY


Customized customer experience

With the omnichannel suite, customer interaction occurs across multiple channels, and automations and AI ensure a consistent and smooth customer jopurney. In addition, access to data analysis tools serve to better understand customer needs and offer customized answers and solutions.

Scalability and flexibility

XCALLY adapts to the needs of companies, enabling easy scalability of resources. Due to its structure, it is possible to increase or decrease the agents according to demand. This flexibility enables rapid adaptation to market changes, regardless of fluctuations in the volume of customer interactions.

Operational efficiency

Using XCALLY,it is possible to optimize customer care operations through advanced features such as centralized management of communication channels, automation of processes, and intelligent deployment of agents. This will allow customer interactions to be handled quickly and efficiently, improving productivity and reducing waiting times.

Use cases

Possible scenarios with XCALLY

From omnichannel customer support to customized marketing campaigns to customer satisfaction tracking through data analysis.


Multichannel customer experience

Regardless of the point of contact, the customer will have consistent and smooth support, thanks to XCALLY’s omnichannel technology that implements interaction by phone, chat, email, and social.

Highly profiled marketing campaigns

By taking advantage of automation features, it will be possible to optimize marketing campaigns and send them through the most appropriate channels with respect to target customers.

Customized reporting and data analysis

Data on response time, customer satisfaction, and other key performance indicators can be collected, enabling companies to make evidence-based decisions to improve customer service efficiency.

Case study

The case for success with XCALLY

Thanks to the XCALLY platform, a leading logistics company was able, through the use of artificial intelligence, to optimize the management of its contact center, which ultimately enabled it to improve its business.
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