Unified software platform: how to integrate every customer touch point

23 June 2023



The unified customer experience is an approach that enables companies to integrate every single touch point with their customers, using a unified software platform. This process aims to ensure a single brand identity, regardless of the channel chosen by the individual consumer.

Unified software platform: integrating every customer touchpoint

Unified customer experience is an approach that enables companies to integrate every single touch point with their customers, using a unified software platform.. This process aims to ensure a single brand identity, regardless of the channel chosen by the individual consumer.

The consistency that is generated goes a long way toward building trust in that brand and gives companies access to a variety of customer data, helping contact centers provide increasingly accurate and satisfactory service. In today’s landscape, it is increasingly important for companies to establish a omnichannel and data-driven relationship with customers,making use of appropriate technologies to support this type of approach.

INGO has been a point of reference for more than twenty years for companies wishing to take advantage of a leading partner in customer experience and customer service, with a diverse range of offerings available to meet the needs of stakeholders and improve interaction with individual customers.

How to optimize the customer experience and invest in new technologies

According to a study conducted by IDC, only 11 percent of Italian retailers are able to offer a real-time, contextualized customer experience, despite the countless benefits this strategy can provide.

The customer journey model in the domestic market is lower than European competitors, but the Italian companies are showing a growing interest in optimizing the customer experience , in order to offer an increasingly integrated experience that matches consumer demands.

Also on the rise, again according to an IDC study, are the investments in various technologies that enable a contextualized, real-time experience , such as augmented/virtual reality, customer data management platforms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for data analysis.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: how to improve the consumer experience

Unified customer experience can bring important sustainability benefits to the production and distribution chain: the optimization of operations and supply chain,monitoring the use of raw materials, reducing waste, and addressing re-commerce can make it possible to Achieve greater sustainability in the whole process. Another relevant contribution will come from artificial intelligence and machine learning,through which a more proper enterprise-wide data management will be achieved, involving different business departments.

Machine learning enables optimization of innovation projects designed to improve the consumer experience, but also online and in-store commerce, marketing, human resource management, and content management. The IDC study shows that the adoption of Web3-related technologies will drive 45 percent of global brands to create new immersive experiences, making content more accessible and developing brand communities.

The “human-oriented” customer experience speed, simplicity and immediacy

The Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano notes that 31.7 million Italians, or 60 percent of the population over the age of 14, use the Internet at different stages of the purchasing process and therefore these people expect increasingly consistent and integrated experiences on the various touchpoints. For companies, designing a unified experience is strategic toward the customer and allows for more effective interactions between people.

Consumers will feel valued by this comprehensive information management and thus find the service easier and faster. Providing all the necessary information in one context makes the customer support process faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective. An increasingly “human-oriented” approach to customer experience will therefore enable empathy to be established toward customers.

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