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Case Study: INGO’s Survey Service

8 July 2024



In this case study, we will analyze how INGO implemented a Survey service via WhatsApp for three different companies in various industries. We will explore how this service contributed to improving overall customer experience and satisfaction.

INGO is a leading company in customer experience solutions and automated support. The service offered by INGO involves the implementation of a survey through WhatsApp, with the aim of gathering feedback and evaluations from customers quickly and effectively.

Context and Selection of Companies

The three companies mentioned in this case study belong to different industries: manufacturing, green tech, and automotive.
We chose these cases as examples because they demonstrate how INGO’s solution met the specific needs of diverse companies, showcasing the effectiveness and versatility of our survey service.

Why did they contact INGO?

The mentioned companies chose to collaborate with INGO based on its experience in automation for customer service and the versatility and scalability of the proposed solutions.

What were their needs?

The main needs expressed by the clients were:

  • Continuously and automatically monitor Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction to evaluate market satisfaction consistently.
  • Timely intercept and follow up with prospects and customers, converting cold leads into hot prospects.
  • Optimize marketing activities and appointment management, reducing manual effort.

Required Services and Goals

The clients requested INGO to implement automated survey solutions via WhatsApp and targeted marketing campaigns. The goals were to increase response rates compared to traditional channels, enhance the quality of customer experience, and improve operational efficiency.

Description of the Service

INGO’s survey via WhatsApp provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to provide feedback quickly and intuitively. The service stands out for its message customization capabilities and automated data collection process, ensuring minimal impact on business operations.

What did INGO achieve?

INGO achieved the creation and implementation of an automated survey system via WhatsApp called Customer Instant Insight.
This involved defining the necessary channels and tools, customizing surveys according to clients’ specific needs, and automating the data collection process. Additionally, INGO developed a user-friendly analytics platform that enables real-time response monitoring and detailed performance analysis.
The process involved multiple stages:

  • Evaluation of the overall customer journey: detailed analysis of interactions and touchpoints with customers to identify areas of improvement.
  • Definition of necessary tools and channels: identification and implementation of the automated survey system via WhatsApp to gather user feedback.
  • Evaluation of the survey to be presented to users: creation of a personalized and targeted questionnaire to obtain specific customer satisfaction information.
  • Process automation: implementation of a system that automates survey distribution and data collection.
  • Creation of a user-friendly analytics system: development of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for data analysis and generation of detailed reports.

The results achieved

Thanks to INGO’s intervention, the clients achieved significant results:

  • Increase in survey response rates, indicating greater user engagement.
  • Implementation of an automated system that had no negative impact on business operations.
  • Higher response rates to marketing campaigns, allowing for gathering information on prospects’ purchase intent.
  • Recovery of hot leads and reduced follow-up times, improving follow-up activities’ efficiency.
  • Availability of an integrated analytics platform providing real-time data for performance monitoring.
  • Improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and overall customer satisfaction, capturing feedback from satisfied users who typically don’t respond through traditional channels.

Specific Use Cases and Numerical Data

Let’s delve into the three selected use cases as examples of the service’s application.

Use Case 1: Green Tech Sector Client

One of INGO’s clients in the green tech sector needed to establish a continuous analysis process for prospects managed by the sales network. Through the implementation of INGO’s survey via WhatsApp, the client significantly improved the response rate, increasing it from 7% to 44%. Additionally, they gathered information on cold case purchase intent and recovered 10% of hot leads. The follow-up time for interested prospects was reduced to less than 10 minutes, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Use Case 2: Automotive Sector Client

An automotive sector client aimed to capture vehicles in need of maintenance to propose interventions at dealer networks.
INGO implemented the survey via WhatsApp, customizing messages with required interventions and the relevant dealer. This solution led to a doubling of appointments compared to traditional channels. Labor-intensive activities were optimized, improving perceived quality by customers and optimizing dealer network schedules.

Use Case 3: Manufacturing Sector Client

Another INGO client, a market leader in the elevator industry, needed to monitor Net Promoter Score (NPS) as part of the customer journey. INGO evaluated the entire customer journey, defined the necessary tools and channels, and created a personalized survey. Thanks to process automation and the integrated analytics platform, the client observed a 27% increase in survey response rate and an overall improvement in evaluation. Additionally, the automated system implemented by INGO had nonegative impact on the company’s operations.


The success of the different use cases of INGO’s survey via WhatsApp demonstrates the effectiveness of the service in improving feedback and evaluation collection, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly. Thanks to message customization, process automation, and the user-friendly interface, clients have achieved tangible results, enhancing their relationship with prospects and existing customers.
INGO continues to offer innovative solutions for customer engagement, helping companies optimize their operations and deliver a superior customer experience.

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