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Assistance on call

No waiting with automated on-call that respects your customers' and your staff's schedules

Benefits of Automatic Availability

Why Automatic Availability Service

Ensure 24/7 attendance

Thanks to AI-based technologies, customers are supported at all times of the day, every day of the year, including holidays.

Offer full service

The automatic availability of INGO knows every need and speaks all the languages. Based on the number of the caller, the system is able to recognize from where the call is coming from and then propose a reception personalized and in language.

Provide personalized support

Through the customer’s use of a PIN, the automated system can figure out who the caller is and what credentials they have. As a result, the system can guide the user, gather essential information, and dispatch the instance to available technicians on the ground ready to offer assistance.

Use cases

Possible scenarios with Automatic Availability

One call can make all the difference. The Automated Availability service ensures flawless reception that operates nonstop, regardless of how heavy the call load is or the languages spoken, makes no mistakes, and ensures that the customer receives assistance under all circumstances.


Level I and II technical support

Provide personalized technical support service with immediate responses.

Guaranteed and instant response

Whether it is late at night or in the middle of the afternoon, the automated system ensures immediate support. The voicebot takes over requests at all times of the day and provides a solution to the user.

Activity Tracking

Automated management makes it possible to record all steps of the interaction and track the entire activity that was performed, from the time assistance is requested to when the problem is resolved.

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