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Artificial intelligence and human assistance to provide personalized support

AI Reception is the expert virtual assistant that offers answers without waiting time and understands each person's needs.

The benefits of AI Reception

Because at the reception

Optimizes available resources

It enhances the internal operating procedure, optimizing the available resources that in this way can take care of more complex tasks.

Increase calls handled

Artificial intelligence and human assistance to provide personalized support calls are handled instantly by the bot, zeroing in on missed calls. A support agent is always available both to deal with more complex requests and to talk to those who prefer human contact.

Personalized welcome

Leveraging natural language recognition, text and audio processing, and machine learning technologies, AI Reception provides an advanced reception experience by recognizing callers and handling requests according to specific needs.

Use cases

Possible scenarios with AI Reception

Cutting-edge technology in synergy with human experience for a personalized approach.


Combination of human support and artificial intelligence

AI Reception provides an instant welcome to your contacts through the use of a bot and diverts more complex requests to specialized human operators.

Stand customization

Respond to user requests with personalized reception through caller recognition and need-based request management.

Scalable and multilingual service

The implementation of AI Reception ensures efficient management of resources based on peak incoming calls. Interactions can be customized based on different nationalities and language backgrounds.

Case study

The case for success with AI Reception

A major Italian hospital company, a benchmark in the healthcare industry for decades. The client's need was to retain the typical switchboard's centralized role, while reducing wait times and improving the user experience, while seeking economic savings compared to management performed exclusively with operators.
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Up to 80% of calls handled autonomously by the bot


100% call handling with zero wait time


35% economic saving for the customer

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