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Case Study: XCALLY and the evolved IVR for a CAAF

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Omnichannel and customisation for optimised call handling

The CAAF client needed to create a single telephone number for the Veneto region and sort calls to the relevant offices according to the user’s municipality of residence. INGO used the XCALLY suite to redesign its customer care service, reducing waiting times and improving user interaction.

Case Study CAAF

Thanks to the implementation of a specially created IVR, the client was able to handle 10% more calls, using XCALLY as a matrix to connect the CAAF switchboards across the territory, creating a smooth and responsive multichannel flow, ensuring that calls were correctly routed.

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INGO, thanks to its omnichannel integrations, used XCALLY as the perfect tool to build and implement innovative, scalable and modular processes and strategies with which to improve the customer experience.

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INGO, thanks to multichannel and technological innovations, is able to build specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies. For over 20 years, Made in Italy at the service of the customer experience.

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