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Case Study: Improving Customer Care in the Furniture Industry

6 March 2023



In this case study, we analyze how the implementation of omnichannel software enabled our client, a leader in the furniture industry, to enhance their customer service.

Who is the customer

A major furniture manufacturer born in the Northeast, a reference point for the purchase of furniture for private users. With over twenty years of experience and more than twenty outlets throughout Italy, it offers customers a wide assortment of furniture and furnishings, which can be purchased at a factory price.

The company immediately stood out from its competitors thanks to its all-inclusive service, which provides the expertise of experienced interior designers, collection of used items, transparent pricing, and a minimum five-year warranty. The customer is also well-known for its professional customer service and diverse range of furnishing solutions.

What were the client’s needs?

Through our partnership with TIM, INGO received a request from the customer to provide an outbound voice channel to their operators, who were active in various retail locations within the group. The goal was to allow each agent to contact generated leads and schedule appointments with potential customers at the store to view furniture and furnishings.

The furniture company needed to have a set of mobile numbers, considered less “blockable” than a landline number, to call customers. The proposed system needed to be flexible enough to accommodate new store openings.

What was accomplished

INGO adopted XCALLY, the omnichannel software designed to enhance corporate customer service, redesign customer experience, and provide a seamless experience across all channels.

The installation was realized in the cloud at the TIM cloud, and the connection with the customer’s meshed MPLS network was managed, along with the implementation of a customized IVR and system maintenance.

INGO focused on speed of execution, reliability, innovation, and omnichannel capabilities to achieve the customer’s initial objective.

The results achieved

The project succeeded in increasing call management efficiency and reducing waiting times. Call volume grew by 25%, with increased customer interactions achieved through the introduction of the multichannel process.

Currently, the customer has over twenty operational locations with more than 125 active licenses. The company utilizes integration with Yealink’s GSM2VOIP gateways. INGO also worked on integrating the new locations and centralized call management.

A success story

Thanks to the innovative philosophy and advanced technology involved, the customer’s requests were met, and the results obtained were satisfactory. INGO and XCALLY, working synergistically, are capable of building specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable, and modular omnichannel strategies that serve the customer experience.

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INGO, thanks to multichannel and technological innovations, is able to build specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies. For over 20 years, Made in Italy at the service of the customer experience.

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