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From direct contact with prospects to in-depth analysis of the customer journey, INGO's outbound services are the key to turning business opportunities into business successes.

The Outbound Solutions


Boost sales and conquer new targets

Teleselling is one of the key solutions offered by INGO to support companies in sales and promotion activities. Through this service, our team of professionals is responsible for contacting customers directly via telephone in order to finalize the sale of products and services.
Our teleselling is also based on a precise performance monitoring system shared with the client, through which we can accurately measure results in terms of conversions and identify any room for improvement. An effective solution to streamline processes and achieve agreed-upon business goals.

Taking & Qualifying Appointments

Don't miss a single opportunity

INGO’s Appointment Taking service supports the Marketing & Sales Divisions in expanding business opportunities. Our team is dedicated to identifying and qualifying contacts, setting targeted appointments. Through this preliminary activity, corporate resources will be able to focus on truly interested profiles, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. By reducing the time usually spent on unqualified leads, Sales Divisions will be able to focus on high-potential contacts, more effectively translating efforts into new business projects.


Increase your customers' retention by starting with their needs

INGO’s Survey service surveys Customer/Prospect opinion and satisfaction with company products and services. Thanks to this behavioral analysis activity, it is possible to understand the customer journey in depth, predict purchasing behaviors, and orient customer experience strategies accordingly. By mapping variables such as perceived value, relationship length, and retention rate, INGO supports the company in delineating a comprehensive view of its customer base. The goal is to build experiences that are fully responsive to real customer needs, with a view to continuously improving business results.



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