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The power of a contact center, the simplicity of social

XCALLY Instant combines customer service features, with the ability to interact via WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging system ever.

Benefits of XCALLY Instant

Why XCALLY Instant

Quick and effective communication

With XCALLY Instant it becomes easy to send and receive documents, files, photos, videos and use the features everyone loves about WhatsApp

Process optimization

Combining technology solutions such as automation, IVR and customer journey tracking go a long way toward speeding up processes and improving volume and performance management.

Cost reduction

XCALLY Instant allows multiple contacts to be handled simultaneously, using fewer resources and with faster response times, leaving more complex requests to be handled by specialized agents.

Use cases

Possible scenarios with XCALLY Instant

Thanks to Whatsapp, it becomes easier to interact with customers to send messages, notifications, documents.


Easy and intuitive interaction platform

Whatsapp is the world’s best-known instant messaging channel. Using this tool, it becomes easy for customers of all age groups and social backgrounds to obtain information and at the same time get involved in loyalty marketing processes.

More effective inbound and outbound campaigns

By leveraging the messaging channel for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, the result is sure to be more impactful and better optimized.

In-depth data analysis

Thanks to the chat history and analysis and reporting tools provided in XCALLY Instant, you will have detailed insight into customer requests, targets based on master data, and in-depth feedback to work on to improve, if necessary.

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