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The Autoguidovie Case Study for customer service management

15 February 2022



In this case study we will analyze how the use of artificial intelligence and IVR, thanks to the platforms of XCALLY and Acuto, have allowed the public transport company Autoguidovie to optimize its customer service.

Who is Autoguidovie

Founded in 1908 thanks to the vision of its founder, engineer Alberto Laviosa, Autoguidovie is today among the ten most important companies in the local public transport sector in Italy .

What has always characterized Autoguidovie’s choices is innovation , the engine that has always guided corporate decisions, with a vision oriented towards sustainability and change .

Present directly in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna with services dedicated to urban and extra-urban public transport, Autoguidovie has chosen not only to equip itself with a top of the range fleet (80% of the buses are with high environmental performance), but also to give ample space to development of integrated customer relationship management platforms and systems , which have always been at the heart of the Group’s strategy.

The world changes at the speed of light and Autoguidovie wants to change to keep up with the times and contribute to the modern development of our market.

Camillo Ranza – President of Autoguidovie

What were the customer’s needs

Following the company’s desire to constantly improve and be at the forefront, in 2021 the INGO group, and specifically Phonetica , chose to introduce a new method of contact with users , which was no longer just the classic managed toll-free number. by telephone operators.

Autoguidovie wanted a more fluid, sustainable and scalable service based on user requests, which would therefore make it possible to streamline waiting times and still be able to provide adequate and quality customer support .

The optimization of functionality, costs and project has therefore made it possible to formulate a project conceived and designed according to the needs of the customer.

One of the values that distinguishes Autoguidovie is the constant tension towards innovation. It is one of the elements that has always distinguished our work in the centennial history of the company. For us, innovation is everything: it is the will and the need to continue to question ourselves.

Stefano Rossi, CEO of Autoguidovie

What has been achieved

Phonetica, with the use of XCALLY and Acuto products, made it possible to redesign the Autoguidovie customer service management process, through the introduction of AI , which made it possible to optimize the service.

Initially in March 2021 an IVR was created to support the operator , to identify the type of interlocutor following a numeric digit. Thanks to the analysis of recurring requests, we then moved from April to the use of artificial intelligence on telephone, whatsapp and chat channels.

By exploiting the XCALLY platform and Acuto Knowledge management software, it was possible to build a multi-channel strategy , also thanks to the use of BOTs for chat and whatsapp.

Finally, in September it was decided to introduce voice recognition , to adapt the IVR’s response to the request in an ever more precise manner.

The results achieved

From the beginning, an excellent yield was noted, with 30% absorption of requests by the Bots and a significant reduction in purely telephone traffic.

Thus, the average user was able to quickly obtain accessible and useful answers . With constant updating thanks to AI and machine learning, traffic managed by bots increased to 60% for September, also managing to meet the increasing requests due to the renewal of school subscriptions and the resumption of work.

Finally, in the last quarter of 2021 with the introduction of speech recognition and further improvement of information classification and identification of requests, waiting times were reduced by nearly 65 percent. This is an excellent feedback that has enabled the company to respond more quickly and accurately to its customers and to better optimize its performance.

Call center innovation to support our customers, with the goal of improving the Customer’s travel experience and pursuing service excellence at all stages: before, during and after travel. Technology as strategic support, implementing AI bots and algorithms in our integrated service delivery

Matteo Gola – Responsabile Customer Care Autoguidovie


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