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Case Study: How XCALLY has improved the customer service of Synlab, a leader in the health care sector

16 May 2022



In this case study we analyze how the use of artificial intelligence systems has allowed our customer Synlab, the leading medical diagnostics group in Italy, to improve their customer service.

Who is Synlab

Synlab is a leading provider of medical diagnostic services in Italy and Europe, offering acomplete range of laboratory medicine services aimed at patients, physicians, clinics and pharmaceutical industries. It is the most important integrated diagnostics group in Italy and represents the first point of contact for many specialists and client laboratories.

Synlab Italy is a national network of laboratories, each equipped with a withdrawal point, and of multi-diagnostic centers of excellence. This reality, which is present globally in 36 countries on four different continents, has introduced in Italy a new integrated approach to medical innovation, prevention and health care.

The group can rely on 1,800 employees and as many freelancers, who carry out more than 35 million analyzes per year and guarantee 1.5 million clinic and imaging services per year. Synlab is present in eight Regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania.

Passion, responsibility and customer focus are the hallmarks of the network, which aims to provide a solid and reliable basis for making the best possible therapeutic decisions. The analytical processes and methods are at the forefront, dedicating the utmost attention to medical excellence and providing added value to patients through a professional and passionate attitude towards the service offered.

What were Synlab’s needs

Synlab was looking for a service that would allow it to have more control over the operations of the various call centers and animmediate visualization of their performance In fact, there are several offices on the Italian territory and each is managed independently. The intent was to optimize the flow of incoming calls, understand the type of customer requests and how staff were able to respond efficiently to the various needs of the user.

The goal was to streamline waiting times, but also to know which time bands were with the most incoming calls (thus increasing the number of staff present in that time frame). It was also important analyze in detail the potential of missed calls. Overall, the need was to have a fluid, sustainable and scalable service that was able to provide adequate and quality support.

What was accomplished

Using the XCALLY product work began on a call center at the end of 2018 and progressively scaled up most of the centers scattered throughout Italy. A simple standard was used for managing messages and times. There ease of IVR configuration available to operators, the flexibility of the dashboards and the simplicity in the management of analytics and statistics were the strengths offered to the customer. The integration at Synlab was carried out by our partner Kema, who supported the customer in making the system operational at their facilities.

Synlab was able to take advantage of a system that was able tointeract perfectly with the company’s management , system , which was easily integrated with legacy systems, particularly malleable andadaptable to the most varied needs. It also has allowed staff to work at home without any particular problems, an aspect that proved successful during the most acute phase of the pandemic.

Taking advantage of the XCALLY platform, it was possible to build a multi-channel strategy, with the use of chat bots in some cases.

The results achieved

Over time there has been a progressive increase in contacts and during the first lockdown the number of calls received in one day tripled. Subsequently that result has been maintained over time.

Customer inquiries therefore increased by 300%thanks to a system that has made it possible to manage calls better, reduce waiting times and reduce the number of missed calls. The customer recognizes in XCALLY a product capable of providing added value to the company.

The number of operators employed in call centers has increased tenfold in the last four years and there are further implementations in sight.


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