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Case study: how IVR and voicebot improved customer care for an electronic distribution company

24 October 2023



In this case study we are going to analyze how INGO supported a company, a leading distributor of consumer electronics and home appliances, to optimize its customer service.

Who is the customer

A leading distributor of consumer electronics and home appliances in Italy, focusing on an omnichannel approach capable of integrating physical stores and outlets with a digital platform. The relationship established with INGO now has a 10-year history.

What were the client’s needs

The company needed a customer service department that would be able to handle a large amount of information and process much of the casework related to e-commerce: order tracking, support on returns, information on refunds and damaged products.

The client needed to optimize product tracking for their e-commerce and make the process faster by implementing an omnichannel system. Having structured logistics with numerous warehouses spread across stores, the company needed to handle repetitive demands that could be automated to improve efficiency.

These inquiries included information on product availability, shipping times, return procedures, change or cancellation of orders, and details of customer card loyalty points.

What was accomplished

INGO has installed active servers to ensure business continuity for the company’s customer care service. The Voice Channel and interactions on the other chosen channels (mail, Whatsapp Business) were configured and a customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) was created.

Call Me Back service has been configured as a result of queued calls or from choice made with IVR. The developed IVR allows calls to be automatically routed to a self-service mode, with automated answering via guided voice or to specialized operators.

INGO has automated part of the customer care service , so that the company can be sure to respond to its customers even at times of the year when call volume intensifies significantly. During typically popular times for electronic product purchases, such as Black Friday and the holiday season, a very large number of operators would be needed to properly handle all inquiries and avoid losing leads.

With the use of dedicated voicebots , it is possible to support operators and help customers who ask for basic information or updates on the status of their orders. One of the most frequent requests is for the delivery date of one’s package, and this is precisely why INGO has created a voicebot system capable of managing order tracking and providing first-level information.

The benefits to the client and the results achieved

  • Capacity to absorb 40% of telephone traffic during peak periods. During these times of the year, the staff of operators was tripled, but being able to rely on an automated system was impactful.
  • Economic savings , with significant savings for the company in contact center management.
  • Increased perceived quality of service and reduced wait times, without the risk of not being able to handle all requests given the huge queue of calls generated. The fast-line service has made it possible to cut down the usual timelines and answer 100% of calls, even outside the typical working hours of operators.
  • A system has been created that collects within it all the information about the various parties involved (including couriers) and is queried as needed. so that we can provide step-by-step information on the delivery status of individual orders. Integrations were made with existing systems of the company and third parties in order to optimize the service.
  • A customized dashboard provides the company with a comprehensive overview of the data collected, which is shared daily for customer experience analysis and to improve the customer journey as needed.


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