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AW LAB case study: how customer service management has improved

25 September 2023



In this case study, we will analyse how INGO supported AW LAB, a leading company in the clothing industry, to optimise its customer service.

About AW LAB

With more than 260 shops in Italy, Spain and Portugal, AW LAB is lifestyle destination ‘Led By Her’ where inclusivity and the joy of expressing one’s own personality come first.

Founded in 1997 with the first Athletes World shop, AW LAB is part of the Bata group with more than 6,000 shops in over 70 countries worldwide.

AW LAB offers a wide variety of shoe, trainer, apparel and accessory collections in cooperation with leading sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and Puma.

We are honoured to be rewarded for this achievement and, in a short time, to be ranked second best Customer Service in Italy. The results we have achieved and the commitment we put into dealing with our customers every day, through our Customer Care department, are further confirmation of the priority focus we give to the consumer: customer care already starts inside our stores thanks to our staff and differentiates us from our competitors.


What were the client’s needs

AW LAB intended to structure a Customer Care department entirely dedicated to supporting its customers. The company saw fit to engage a first-rate organised and consumer-oriented solution provider. The overriding need was to managing first direct contact with customers on different channels, online and offline, with the aim of ensuring a tailored and totally dedicated service.

The aim was to make the consumer perceive that the company is always at the forefront to guarantee the best user experience, whatever the need: from simple information about products, promotions, events, to the purchase and the expected arrival of the product, even in case of unexpected events.

What was accomplished

For the management of the service, INGO identified resources with previous experience in the e-commerce sector and with the necessary language skills to manage the different European markets AW LAB addresses.

We organised a Customer Care with strongly result-oriented and problem-solving resources. The aim was to improve the customer experience.

From the very beginning, recurring trainings were planned to increase the competence of the team, and thanks to the constant dialogue with the customer, INGO had the opportunity to contribute to improving processes and procedures with a view to optimising customer support.

The results achieved

The project to structure a Customer Care department involved the implementation of a customer database and master data. In 2022, a new ditrouble ticketing ditrouble trouble ticketing, thanks to which data were internalised and real-time performance was monitored, identifying the most critical issues and taking timely action to improve the service.

Our customers’ requests are taken up by operators the same day they arrive, andmore than 80 per cent are resolved one shot within just over one working day.. The goal for the end of 2024 is to resolve most requests within 24 hours.

AW LAB customer service awards

Italy’s Best Customer Services 2023-2024 is the survey conducted by L’Economia del Corriere della Sera e Statista, an international research and analysis company, which ranks the best companies according to the efficiency of their customer service.

The ratings were expressed by more than 15,000 consumers on the basis of willingness to recommend the service and five other criteria: availability of the service, customer orientation, professional competence, quality of communication and variety of solutions offered.

AW LAB took second place in two rankings within the Apparel & Accessories category: in multi-brand with an average of 8.32 and in online with an average of 8.56. A major award that recognises the quality of the company’s customer care.


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