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AI in healthcare: artificial intelligence for appointment management

Efficient appointment management is one of the key factors in ensuring a good patient experience and optimization of resources in…

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Phonetica S.r.l. Becomes INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation: A New Chapter of Innovation and Social Commitment

After over 25 years of experience, Phonetica S.r.l. is evolving into INGO S.r.l. Benefit Corporation, because the commitment to creating…

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Customer experience KPIs: how to evaluate the customer relationship. The Phygital Frontier

The customer experience and the contact between consumer and company Evaluating KPIs (i.e. key performance indicators) of the customer experience…

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Server room, cloud storage icon, datacenter and database concept, data exchange process isometric dark vector

What is a Database?

Why is data increasingly important and how is it organized, managed and used? How do databases become a fundamental tool…

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Sentiment analysis, a powerful tool for retail customer care

Today it is increasingly important to use sentiment analysis to better understand the needs of its customers, to improve brand…

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